Quartos automatically generate a <nav> element on each page.

<nav> is a sitemap

Each page's <nav> is a sitemap with one link to each page.

Each <details> box represents a folder. Boxes can contain links, boxes, or both.

Quarto sitemaps respect the structure of the ready folder. If pages are organized in subfolders, then the <nav> element will be similarly organized in boxes.

Click on an open box to close it, and vice versa. By default, each box is open if and only if it contains the current page. Refresh a page to reset boxes to their default states.

<nav> can be flat

If the ready folder looks like this:
├── eggs.html
├── grail.html
├── index.html
└── spam.html

and the site's domain name is fakedomain.test, then its pages will be:


and each page will have a flat <nav> like this:

Links in the <nav> are sorted automatically. (Create a pages.txt file to sort them yourself.)

<nav> can be nested

If the same pages are organized into folders like this:

├── index.html
└── quests
    ├── breakfast
    │   ├── eggs.html
    │   └── spam.html
    └── grail.html

and the site's domain name is fakedomain.test, then its pages will be:


and each page with have a nested <nav> like this:

How warm these boxes be!

We interrupt this quarto to bring you a public service announcement:

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