Much Ado About Quartos

Quartos are designed to:

See the home page tutorial to get started quickly.

Self-promotion is not so vile a sin.

Quartos build 5kB sites with 500 lines of code, not 500MB sites with 500 packages.
What can be happier than to despise all package installs?
Nothing to install.
Extras, not requirements.
No combinatorial explosions of implicit dependencies.
Build multiple quartos on the same machine without conflicts.
Write out thy lines with stateless lazy-lists.
Cat strings without schlemieling.
Generate HTML lazily one line at a time.
Build pages without copying images or large media files.
No caches, file watchers, event listeners, or busy loops.
Run cleanly, as a simple script should do.
No plugins, shims, templates, wrappers, or boondoggles.
Never modify files outside the project folder (unless you insist).
No environment variables, hidden files, or modifications to your home folder.
Code is in the quarto folder, not the /usr/local/Cellar/python/3.7.0/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.7/lib/python3.7/quarto/quarto folder.
Brevity is the soul of www.
1 Python module
+ 4 Python scripts
+ 0 ten-ton widgets
= 1 quarto folder

Draw the curtain and inspect the page source.

View the source for this page. Is it full of scripts and frameworks, sacrificing bandwidth?

Chrome source
View > Developer > View Source (Ctrl+U, ⌥⌘U)
Chrome tools
View > Developer > Developer Tools (Ctrl+Shift+I, ⌥⌘I)
Firefox source
Tools > Web Developer > Page Source (Ctrl+U, ⌘U)
Firefox tools
Tools > Web Developer > Toggle Tools (Ctrl+Shift+I, ⌥⌘I)

View source for some other web pages. The browser doth request too much, methinks.

Use as much of this code as please you.

Quartos are made to be copied and modified, not to be installed and configured.

Don't. Download it here or create a new repo.
Delete it. Out, out, brief quarto! It's but a working folder.
Copy and paste. Quire code's a page, and all the scripts and modules are one folder.
Edit the source code. One template repo makes the whole world kin.

Each quarto is a smörgåsbord, not a table d'hôte. (Which is best is a matter of taste.)

Give the devs their due.

The original stock quarto was created by:

Sam Kennerly
quarto.svg by Molly Blair
galaxy.jpg by NASA and ESA
Sam Kennerly
adrift, burning, doctoral by Sam Kennerly
celestial by Jennifer Blair and Sam Kennerly
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